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San Francisco Yacht Sales

San Francisco Yacht Sales


The California Coast is 840 miles running from Oregon to Mexico, with its wide sandy beaches, flower flourished bluffs; surf washed cliffs, and wild mountain ranges, it is genuinely one of the most scenic places in the world. At Atomic Tuna we believe it all starts with the San Francisco Bay, that why we provide the best services for yacht sales in the bay area. 

San Francisco Skyline

Whether you are sailing around the Bay Area during the day or evening hours, take some time to experience the glory of the beautiful San Francisco skyline. Even residents of this picturesque city can appreciate the unique shapes and colors of the buildings, and there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying it all from the comfort of a yacht in the water. Spend a romantic evening sipping fine wine or cocktails with the one you love in the tranquil glow of the city lights.


Alcatraz Island

Once imprisoning some of the most dangerous criminals in the United States, Alcatraz Island is rich with fascinating history and is adorned with beautiful natural scenery that begs to be explored. You can sail around the island checking out the architecture that cascades above the cliffs. Then, take the ferry to the island and sign up for a guided tour and learn about what life was like in the prison as well as some of its notorious inmates.


Treasure Island

Constructed in 1939 as an artificial island that supported the Golden Gate International Exposition, Treasure Island is a National Historical Landmark that is filled with military artifacts as well as buildings that were created specifically for the California World's Fair. It has been the backdrop for several Hollywood movies including Patch Adams, What Dreams May Come, The Pursuit of Happyness, and others. Treasure Island is a place of mystery where you never know who you will meet or what you will see while visiting.

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Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge was built in 1937 and is considered to be one of the modern engineering marvels of the world. While you have probably traveled across the bridge several times going about your daily life, sailing a yacht under it is an exceptional experience you do not want to miss. The magnitude of this iconic structure can't be fully appreciated until you have had an up close and personal look at it from the water below.

Yachts Sales in the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay is known as one of the best sailing locations in the world

The San Francisco Market

  • Sailboats for sale
  • Live Abroad Lifestyle
  • Exploring the California Coast

The San Francisco Bay

Best  Sailing in the West Coast

Whether you have a week or a weekend, there are plenty of cruising destinations in and around San Francisco Bay. For the weekenders: Angel Island, the Petaluma or Napa Rivers, or even across the Bay to the Oakland Estuary or Sausalito. For those with more time: the Delta, or perhaps out the Gate and south to Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz or Monterey

  • Angel Island
  • Sailboats for sale
  • Powerboat for sale

Living Aboard a Yacht is the Blueprint for a Better Life


  • Happier
  • Healthier
  • More Connected

Grand Banks For Sale

Cruising Yachts

Grand Banks Yachts has received accolades for a reason. Our yachts not only look beautiful, but also lead the way in long-range cruising. Take a closer look at our range of Grand Banks models and see for yourself.

Types of Grand Banks:

  • East Bay 44 
  • Grand Banks 60
  • Grand Banks 60 Skylounge 

Monte Fino

Luxury Yachts

Monte Fino Yachts brand was introduced by Kha Shing Enterprise Co., Ltd. in early 1980 to diversify its business focus away from US market. All the Monte Fino Yachts are herefore designed with modern and timeless exterior in comparison with yachts for US market

Types of Monte Fino's:

  • 70' Monte Fino 
  • 76' Monte Fino
  • 82' Monte Fino
  • 92' Monte Fino
  • 108' Monte Fino

"The first Monte Fino 52 Motor Yacht was completed and delivered in 1985 to a Japanese client. There are many characteristics that define a Monte Fino - handcrafted luxury, distinctive design, fine craftsmanship, reliability, flexibility, great values, all tailor-made to your individual needs for an enjoyable cruising experience"

Azimut Flybridge Collection

Elegance, space, agility, and light flooding through large windows.
The yachts of the Flybridge Collection break down all visual barriers, allowing you to truly contemplate the sea,  right before your eyes. 

Types of Azimut

  • Models Measuring from 42 to 88 feet.
  •  Yachts Offer a Unique Experience of Wind and Light


Princess Yachts For Sale

Every Princess yacht is designed with our forward-thinking mentality and crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Types of Princess Yachts



Princess M CLASS


The M Class is the epitome of Princess. Over 50 years of inspired craftsmanship distilled into a world-class flagship experience. Beautifully proportioned throughout, personalised details within, a haven of relaxation and exhilaration. In essence, a superyacht designed to express your individuality.


Marlow Yachts For Sale

Marlow Explorers are beautifully detailed and exceptionally built raised pilothouse yachts. With models from 49' to 97', nearly every configuration for accommodations has been drawn and built. 

Types of Marlow's:


  • Marlow 70e
  • Marlow 70e Explorer
  • Marlow 72e Explorer 


Princess V CLASS


Take the helm and the variable geometry of the deep-V hull assuredly translates any surge of power into taut handling. Enjoy a spirited dash across the ocean in a Princess V Class, a paradox of responsive power and exclusive luxury.

Hampton Yachts For Sale

A great yacht starts with a design that maximizes safety and comfort, without sacrificing performance. Above the waterline or below.

Types of Hampton Yachts

  • Hampton 590
  • Hampton 650
  • Hampton 700
  • Hampton 700 (Sky-lounge)
  • Hampton Euro 830

Princess X CLASS

Experience an entirely new concept in yacht design - Super Flybridge yachts that completely rethink yacht architecture to set a new benchmark for luxury living space. Our new X Class is the perfect craft for those who wish to spend extended time aboard and voyage further afield.

Endurance Yachts For Sale

The newest member of the Endurance family, the Endurance 600 is a world-class cruising yacht that is designed to be easily operated by a couple. One would never guess she is the smallest in our Endurance series, as this long range cruiser's 18 foot beam and flexible interiors make her a best-in-class vessel.

Types of Endurance Yachts 

  • Endurance 600
  • Endurance 658
  • Endurance 680
  • Endurance 680 (Sky-lounge)
  • Endurance 720