What is a Virtual Boat Show?


In the current times of uncertainty, due to the Coronavirus and shelter-in-place,most of us are relegated to stay at home and only leave for essential items, such as grocery shopping or doctor visits. While at home, we have plenty of time to contemplate what we will do after we have conquered this pandemic and get back to a more normal life. During our time at home, we have time to surf the internet and plan for the future. 

Many of us have always had dreams about owning a boat and getting out on the water to enjoy our free time more. Whether it be taking off to go cruising to exotic locations, weekend trips, or day sails there is no better time to explore those options than now. We are receiving more and more calls from prospective clients that are ready to embark on this new adventure. While sheltering in place, we want to help bring your dream to  reality.

Lucky for us, technology has advanced to the point that we can virtually walk through a boat and examine every part of it. There are currently few yacht brokers utilizing this technology, but you will see more and more of it, as there is no other way for the buyer to see the boat for sale until the shelter in place directive has been lifted. 

Atomic Tuna Yachts and Farallone Yachts have been investing in this technology for years and present most of our listings with a 3d virtual tour, walk-through video and professional photography, allowing you, the buyer, to really see the boat from the comfort of your home. 


Every year in the Bay area and other locations across the United States and the world, thousands of yachting enthusiasts join together to view new and brokerage boats, boating equipment, and vendors at regional and local boat shows. This year is different. All gatherings of 10 or more people have been banned in most states, shutting down all of the traditional boat shows. We all love to go to a boat show, but right now, we cannot do that. The answer is a Virtual Boat Show that you can attend right from your home on your computer. 

Atomic Tuna Yachts and Farallone Yachts will be presenting a full, online, virtual boat show over four days with all of the following:

  • Virtual new boat showings
  • Virtual brokerage boat showings
  • Panel discussions
  • Expert discussions
  • Vendor showcases
  • Technical presentations
  • Nautical quizzes
  • Prizes from our marine industry
  • Virtual parties by Latitude 38 and Latitudes and Attitudes

The show will run from April 30th to May 3, 9:00am to 6:00pm every day. You can attend all day or pick what you want to hear and see. You will be able to ask questions and see new and brokerage boats, almost like you were there. And, we will post all of these videos on our website and YouTube for your future viewing. 

Live Virtual Boat Tours

We will be giving you live tours of 2 new boats, the exciting True North 34 and the venerable Catalina 425 cruising sailboat, as well as twelve brokerage boats. The tour will consist of a sales expert walking you through the boat with a live camera. You will be able to ask questions and give feedback as the entire boat is being shown. We will be going through the boat from bow to stern and decks to interior. We will open up engine compartments and peak into the bilge. 

Expert Speakers 

We have assembled a stellar group of experts to discuss wide ranging topics about boating and the marine industry. Topics include:

  • Online boat shows and social distancing
  • A womans’ perspective
  • What to take into consideration when insuring your boat
  • How to tie up your boat the right way
  • Negotiating the legal aspects of purchasing a boat
  • What to expect when bringing your boat to the  boatyard.
  • The many pathways to boating
  • And many more

How to participate  

You are probably wondering how you can participate and join in on this Virtual Boat Show? It is easy. We are giving you three options to access the show. Zoom is the main option for signing up. With Zoom, you will have the ability to verbally interact with the presenters and sales experts.  We offer a simple sign up at our website You will then be sent an email with a link to Zoom. You can also join us with either FaceBook Live or YouTube live. You will need to sign-up on FaceBook or follow us on YouTube and then you will be notified when we are live. 

We have additional information on our website. Please visit us and sign up. You are in for a treat. 

We look forward to seeing you at the First Annual Atomic Tuna Yachts and Farallone Yachts Virtual Boat Show.


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