Top 3 Sailing Day Trips in California

California is home to some of the world's best sailing. The waters of the Golden State present opportunities for sailors to experience generally milder temperatures combined with fascinating wildlife viewing opportunities.

If you want an immersive sailing experience, but you don't have very much time on your hands, you can opt for a satisfying day trip that will take you to a new locale - which just might become your new favorite locale.

Make sure to take into account the weather forecast, seasonal winds, and regional boat traffic when deciding upon the best place to set sail at any moment in time. But overall, the following day trips are sure to please any visiting or local sailor:


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Long Beach to Catalina Island

Head to a gorgeous offshore island and enjoy the sites of the Pacific on this typically easy, breezy trip. Head out at the crack of dawn if you want to maximize the sunlight and enjoy a couple hours of bliss on this peaceful island.

Although the island is crowded during the summer months, it is typically quiet during the winter. Although many of the moorings are usually out on lease, you can also enjoy one on a temporary basis. Check out these tips for getting the best mooring.

When you reach land, you can enjoy a meal at a harborside restaurant and step around town on foot, as you stretch out your sea legs. Choose your dining destination here.

Always make sure to check the forecast for Santa Ana winds or intermittent storms before proceeding. Point Conception and the Channel Islands typically provide protection from difficult currents, but you'll also want to make sure that nothing difficult is coming out of The Gulf of Alaska.

Newport Beach

Get up-close and personal with thrilling wildlife such as humpback whales, sea lions and dolphins on this day sail to remember. Newport Beach is perfect for a novice sailor, as it is a "no wake" harbor. It is also a "no discharge" harbor. So you can enjoy smooth sailing ahead!

You can enjoy moving onshore from anchor (or at a mooring) from any one of the public docking spaces at Newport Beach, which are marked clearly by blue and white pilings. If you would like to enjoy a meal onshore, fine dining and casual establishments are available to serve you.

Around Newport Beach, much of the upper part of the bay is kept as an ecological preserve. The area's space is mostly dedicated to nature and encompasses one of the most sizeable coastal wetlands areas in the state.

Enjoy your mooring rental or harbor anchorage as available; check out the Newport Beach government website for more details. Learn more about the harbor here.

Lake Tahoe

For something different, wild, and beautiful, you can cruise around Lake Tahoe from May to September. The glistening waters are unparalleled and many sailors have experienced this journey as one of their most memorable.

The lake does come with specific regulations to keep the experience safe for everyone; be sure to read these before setting off. You'll also need to undergo an inspection before sailing; the lake needs to avoid invasive species, so plan the extra time in your schedule for this day out on the amazing waters.

Note that the winds can be gusty, so you'll want to check all forecasts before heading out. We recommend this lake as an opportunity to cruise, rather than to race.

Leave early from Sacramento and you can make it to this sublime lake in just over two hours.

If you need a vessel on which to enjoy the magical waters of California, Atomic Tuna Yachts can provide you with the right boat to meet your needs. If you're looking to sell a previously-used vessel, we can also assist you with securing a buyer. Contact us for more information!

San Francisco Bay to Sausalito

One of the most memorable day sails in California is from South Beach Harbor on San Francisco Bay to Sausalito. Start your sail by leaving South Beach Harbor next to the AT&T Park (where the World Champion San Francisco Giants play), and explore one of the Wonders of the Modern World from the open water.

Sail past the San Francisco city front, then historic Alcatraz Island, that is home to an abandoned prison and the oldest operating lighthouse in California. Afterwards, stop at our beautiful state park, Angel Island, for a bite to eat at the Angel Island Cafe and listen to live music while you take in the beautiful scenery.  Finish off the sail to Sausalito with breathtaking views of Mt Tamalpais, where mountain biking was first discovered.

This day sailing trip is perfect to see the city of San Francisco like you never have before! Charter a beautiful sailboat and take your family and friends, or plan the ultimate corporate trip for you and your colleagues.

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