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Sailing Checklist : 2019

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Being prepared for an adventurous sailing trip starts with making sure you create a sailing checklist so you can cover all of your bases and stay safe while you are out exploring the ocean. A checklist keeps you organized and gives you a gentle reminder of tasks you need to accomplish to make sure your boat is in good repair, you know where you are going ahead of time, and that you have all the necessary supplies to have a fun-filled trip full of good times and everlasting memories.

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A sailing checklist should be used by boaters and yachtsman of all experience levels, and there are several things to keep in mind when creating a checklist of your own:

Pre-Trip Planning Done the Right Way

Before you hop aboard your boat and set sail for the harbor or open sea, first consider the duration of your expected trip and make an appropriate departure plan. Are you heading out for a leisurely day trip, an overnight trip, or a voyage that will last for days? The equipment, entertaining supplies, and personal items you bring will be dependent on how long you plan to sail.

Also, consider how far out into the ocean you plan to sail. For local trips, you may opt for basic navigation equipment, a change of clothes, some snacks, and minimal safety equipment, while if you are going on a journey that will last for several days, you will need more advanced navigation and communication equipment, life safety equipment, and a larger variety of personal items to keep you comfortable during all types of weather.

Another important component of your departure plan should be to notify friends, family, and the Coast Guard of your sailing route so that rescue services will know where to find you in the event of an emergency.

Your departure plan and checklist are key to your safety out in the ocean, and should be as detailed as possible. Be sure to do a routine inspection of your sailing vessel and make any necessary repairs before you leave the dock.

Being Armed with the Right Equipment

Just like when you go camping, golfing, on road trips, or any other recreational activity that interests you, having the right equipment is essential for having a good time. Don't risk being ill-prepared while out at sea...implement an equipment checklist to make sure you don't forget anything while packing. Your checklist should include necessities such as a basic boat repair kit, life vests, an emergency raft, flares, clothes for various weather conditions, plenty of food, drinks, a first aid kit, medications, maps, good anchors, a compass, and other personal items that are your "must haves" when traveling.

Part of having the right equipment also means that you should not be solely dependent on the technology in your boat. Electrical components can fail at any time, so you should always prepare for the worst case scenario with nautical charts and other navigation essentials.

Destination Arrival/Post-Trip Checklist

After spending an enjoyable outing on the water, it is sometimes hard to remember everything you need to do to make sure your boat is powered down and secure when off-loading. Create a special arrival checklist so you remember to do all of the essentials like stowing equipment and furniture, powering down equipment, ensuring that gas appliances are turned off, sewage tanks are emptied, and the galley is locked up tight. Once you arrive to your home docking slip, take expensive electronic equipment with you so you do not run the risk of it getting stolen while your boat is in storage.

A post-trip checklist helps you to make sure your boat or yacht is ready for the next trip. This checklist should include a full boat inspection, any routine maintenance that needs to be completed in between trips, and any repairs that need to be completed before you embark on a new journey.

When all of the details of your voyage are planned out ahead of time, routine maintenance is take care of, and you actually remember to bring all of the supplies you need to fully enjoy your travels, this is what many boaters and yachtsman consider to be the good life! At Atomic Tuna Yachts, we are passionate about sailing ourselves and are here to assist with whatever you need to enjoy smooth sailing adventures. Whether you would like tips on creating your sailing checklists, or would like to buy or sell a vessel, contact us so we can provide you with expert advise and a stress-free transaction.


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