Partnering With The Multihull Company: Building a Network of Trust and Expertise

It is with great honor and excitement that the team at Atomic Tuna Yachts announce its recent partnership with The Multihull Company. With a mission that compliments our own, The Multihull Company (TMC) has built its organization with expert and dependable service that customers have learned to trust since its inception in 1999. We are excited to bring the advice and the expertise of the sailors that make up the Multihull team to our boating network.

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The Multihull Company (TMC)

With a vision of offering advice using his personal experience and passion for catamarans, Phillip Berman founded The Multihull Company in 1999. Without thinking he would be able to make a noticeable difference, his vision quickly sailed across the waters to what he and his growing team has formed today. What made it so appealing? Open and honest information to help people understand, learn and find the best boat. Phillip created the first of its kind with The Multihull Company being the first buyer/broker partnership to the multihull yachting industry.

TMC's Global Presence

With a global presence, the company is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Presently, TMC has a presence on the Eastern Seaboard and on the West Coast of the United States and have landed on "Grenada, Trinidad, St. Martin, Guadeloupe, Tortola, and La Ciotat, France." Another "partnership formed in 2015 with the Gulf Group" docked their presence in New Zealand.

TMC Sailing Schools

Charleston, SC, USA - If you have been to Charleston's City Marina Mega Docks, you probably have seen the sailing school students setting sail. The Multihull Company has established exciting sailing schools to help anyone discover the joy of sailing the waters whether on sailboats or power yachts. If you have dreamed of owning a boat, learning the basics will help you know how you want to navigate the seas. Charleston Sailing School and Yacht Charters may be your first step to enjoy a life of cruising anywhere around the globe.

St. Vincent, Grenada, Grenadines, Caribbean - If you want to really take an adventure, the LTD Sailing School specializes "in day tours and week-long "Cruise and Learn" vacations." What an exciting vacation when you learn to sail while cruising the islands of the Grenadines, St. Lucia and Grenada.

TMC's Charitable Contributions and Affiliations

Giving Back - Not only is the team at TMC helping many people discover the joy of sailing and yachting, The Multihull Company devotes time and donations to support organizations to make a difference in the lives of others. Not only do their contributions help communities in the United States, but their donations also cross the seas to help the Eastern Caribbean countries get the necessary school supplies to children for better classroom experiences to promote literacy and learning.

Professional Affiliations - TMC has aligned itself with organizations that not only promote the joy of sailing and yachting but also help keep the standards high and uniformed while educating the boating community.

  • The Yacht Brokers Association of America
  • American Sailing Association
  • Sail America

Atomic Tuna Yachts Empowered with the Experts at The Multihull Company

At Atomic Tuna Yachts, our partnership with The Multihull Company brings more excitement and expertise to our present and future customers. It is our mission to deliver a unique and personalized service in the San Francisco area to every buyer and seller that leads to a lasting partnership. We continually work to bring better experiences to our customers.

We are always ready to partner with you whether you are buying, selling or both. It is our biggest joy to help you find and board your next boat. If you are ready to sell a boat, let us take the helm. With the holidays upon us, our wishes go out across the waters to wish everyone a happy holiday season with days of safe cruising ahead.

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