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How To Pack For Your First Boat Adventure

If you're an adventurous type of person, traveling on water might be an exciting idea for you. Perhaps, you've been looking forward to visiting beautiful places on an adventure cruise or a boat trip. You'll have a memorable experience either way. But several destinations in the whole world can be reached only by boats.  

Boat travel is typically for sightseeing. You'd be amazed at how different, and more marvelous a scenic spot can be when you're on a boat tour. For instance, the beautiful California sunset is more panoramic when you watch it below the Golden Gate on a sailboat. It's even more so when you see the iconic skyline of the entire San Francisco.

The San Francisco Bay Area, being one of the world's top tourist destinations, is something you might not want to miss on your first boat adventure. But before getting too excited, there are several things you need to prepare to make the most out of your boating experience.

Determine The Type and Length of Trip

Before you begin with the essentials, it might help determine how long you'll be on a boat adventure. Will you be boating for hours, the whole day, or the entire week? Note that boat travel isn't limited to sightseeing. There’s a myriad of things you can do on a boat trip.

It may also vary on what type of boat adventure you're going to. Let's say in San Francisco, there are a variety of boat tours, such as dinner cruises, sunset boat tours, or all-day sailing tours. Perhaps, you're also planning to have a seven-day or one-month cruise in the Pacific Islands.

 The thing is, what kind of items and how much you'll take will depend on the type and length of your boat adventure. You might not be washing any clothes on the whole course. Thus, bringing enough to last the trip is necessary.

Prioritize Safety

Regardless of the type of boating trip, you're planning, you must prioritize safety. Although most chartered sailing boats and cruise tours will have a good first-aid aboard, make sure to bring your own. It's always much better to be prepared for the probability of motion sickness or some small emergencies.

If you have any prescription medicines, bring them in their original containers to avoid further queries and hassle at Customs. For warm and cold water boating trips, pack a hat and long sleeves to protect your face and skin. In your first-aid kit, put all the safety essentials such as seasickness remedies, pain relievers, antibacterial cream, or nonprescription medicines.

Be Minimalist

Any trip can be overwhelming, and it's typical for anyone to bring anything they can think of. But note that space and storage on a boat or even on a popular cruise line are typically limited. Instead of the hard-sided suitcases, secure duffel bags might work better as you can just fold them up when not in use.

Being minimalist is an essential tip, if not a rule in packing for a boat adventure. Note that it includes packing practical clothing that you won't mind wearing multiple times. You might also consider those that are great quick-dry fabrics.

Nevertheless, it's so important to think deliberately about what you actually need in a boat adventure. Cross out every unnecessary item in your list and keep everything simple. You won't be needing too much on the water. But if it's hard to decide, remember that the goal isn't to show off but to relax and have some fun.  

Check The Water Gear Essentials

There are several water gear essentials, depending on what kind of boat adventure you are in. But if you're going snorkeling and diving, snorkel and mask would be one of those gears. Most boat charters would usually have all this equipment prepared on board. Even so, it would be best that you bring your own.

 If you're boating alone, make sure you have a map and compass at your disposal. Even if there are high-tech paddlers with GPS units, a map would still be necessary. You might not be planning to be caught away from camp in the dark, but it might happen. Thus, a flashlight must come in handy whenever you're sailing.

Bring Water-and-Wind-Friendly Accessories

No matter how perfectly safe your boat is, you might still come in contact with some water. Thus, as much as possible, secure your delicate gadgets at home and bring something that is water-and-wind-friendly on the trip. You might consider using a waterproof pouch to protect your phone or other fragile items you have. Bringing Ziplock bags in different sizes can also be helpful.

Moreover, if you want to stroll on slippery decks and stairs without worrying about falling, make sure you're throwing in footwears with excellent tread. The same thing goes for a hat. You must ensure that you're bringing something that stays put even on a windy day. The last thing you would want is to worry about your accessories missing and getting wet.

Prepare Yourself

Planning and packing are part of the boat adventure. But besides making sure that you have everything you need regardless of how short or long the trip is, you must prepare yourself above all. The first boat adventure can be quite overwhelming, and don't get too caught up with excitement.

Prepare yourself to experience the water and see incredible nature, sunrises, and sunsets. By putting yourself in a relaxed mood, you can make the most of the whole experience. Packing the right things for the trip is essential, of course. But at the end of the day, it's your disposition and how you're enjoying the whole journey that should matter.

How To Get a Boat?

Owning a boat probably didn't cross your mind yet. But going on a boat tour or renting a vessel for your first boat adventure is already a good start. Many have fallen in love with the beauty and excitement of sailing and experiencing the water. The next thing you know, you'll want to get your own as the adventure will most likely captivate your heart.

Thus, it wouldn't hurt to equip yourself with different boat financing as early as now.  Because boats can even be much more expensive than cars, you probably need to take out a loan to finance your boat. You can apply for boat loans through banks, credit unions, boat dealers or marine lending specialists.

Boat loans  pretty much work the same way with car loans. You get a specific amount of loan and pay it back along with the interest over a fixed period. But before you commit to anything, make sure the loan and costs of owning a boat suit your budget.


It's easy to get fidgety on the first boat adventure. But it's important not to worry so much about whether you're bringing the right things on the trip. You may not get everything right as you've planned, and it's perfectly okay. Remember that experience will guide you in what other items to add and leave on your next boat adventure. Be willing to learn and fully enjoy your first boat trip.

Author Bio:

Lauren Cordell believes that traveling doesn’t only let you make memorable experiences. For her, it widens your perspectives while at the same time makes you more in touch with your inner being. Her heart is tied to the world of finance and when she travels, the more she learns how to find balance between her professional and personal life.


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