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Guide to Boating the California Coast : Redwood Coast

What makes California's California's Redwood Coast so unique? Maybe it's the ancient wilderness that that's inspired legends from Paul Bunyan to Bigfoot. Perhaps it's the 180 miles of rugged coastline or seaside towns. Or could it have something to do with the fact that the tallest, most significant, fattest trees in the world spread out here across millions of acres? The truth is that there are countless reasons to visit California'sCalifornia's Redwood Coast.


There is a part of the California Coast known as the Lost Coast and for a good reason. The northern Mendocino coast, from Rockport to just south of Shelter Cove, is a beautiful wilderness of steep cliffs and gorges. A hiking trail runs from the mouth of Usal Creek, through extremely rough country north along the 17-mile stretch to Orchard Creek.


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