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Guide to Boating the California Coast : Marin Coast

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The Marin Coast is bursting with life, history, mountains, the ocean. It is a landscape of great variety: rocky shores alternate with vast sandy beaches, inlets, and estuaries. Deep river canyons, where sea fog lingers, produce massive amounts of water to feed the mighty redwoods, Douglas fires, and Bishop pines. Some of the highlights located within the Marin Coast are known all over the world, Mount Tamalpais, Stinson Beach, Muir Wood, and Point Reyes, to name a few. The weather along Marin County's coastline is enormously variable. It ranges from cold, windy, foggy days, to bright blues skies only miles away.

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The coast is continuously cool year-round, but between July and August, there can be clear warm days, especially with south-facing beaches like Stinson Beach. Make sure when you go across the Golden Gate Bridge, the mountains change drastically, and you want to enjoy every part of the trip. I suggest driving along the coast, be ready for sharp turns and hills. Remember, Marin Coast is the start of a different type of California that most do not know, resembling Oregon. Where Marin is different, it blends the two states, combing rocky rigged shores and beautiful beaches.


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