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Guide to Boating the California Coast : Introduction Point Reyes


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The crown jewel of the Marin Coast is Point Reyes, the large, roughly triangle peninsula jutting out from the beautiful coast north of San Francisco. It has been called an "Island in time" because it is part of a landmass that has moved north over the millennia. The rocks and vegetation of Point Reyes differ from that of the continent and give the National Seashore special magic. Visiting Point Reyes is a step back in time, and in many ways, the time has stood still preserving its natural California coast state. Point Reyes bestows a timeless aura its cliffs and beaches, meadows and forests, valleys, and saltwater inlets. What perhaps makes this landscape so truly special in a world of constant change is that little has changed here the National Seashore.. You can return year after year and experience beautiful, timeless landscapes.


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