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Grand Banks 49' Cruising the Golden Gate Bridge



Since 1956, Grand Banks Yachts has built stunning yachts with classic designs, supreme comfort, and precise detailing. These yachts and the character they represent an appeal to our discerning customers.

Over the years, Grand Banks has taken pride in leading the market with our quality vessels and are serious about the responsibility of setting a higher standard. But Grand Banks hasn't just led the yachting industry; we've changed it. They introduced the world to two popular vessel genres—cruising trawlers and Downeast express cruisers—forever altering how yachtsmen spend time on the water.


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As innovators in yacht design and construction, Grand Banks is continually moving forward with new ideas and techniques to drive the industry with our products. Grand Bank's focus in recent years has seen us move to the forefront of speed and efficiency while perfecting our construction techniques to deliver better yachts that are durable against the elements and can take on nature like never before. Grand


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