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Technology now offers informative, mobile applications to help you enjoy life on the water. If you're a boater or a sailor, you most likely already have your preferences. If you're looking to enjoy the sailing or yachting lifestyle, you will learn to use mobile applications to help you schedule your departure dates based on the weather and the winds, or you will want to know those areas that others have noted to be a hazard. One important part of boating is plotting your course for the best navigation experience.


Which applications work best for you also depends on how you will be using your boat. If you're just sailing or motoring around your general location, then you may not need to deck yourself out with every tool. If you're ready to move with the migration along the West Coast, you should get familiar with those applications that can help you safely move through the waters.

Applications for Boaters and Sailors


This is known to be one of the most utilized boating applications. You have access to all of Navionics charts along with the NOAA raster charts. Many boaters utilize their Navionics to plot their course. It offers add-on modules to enhance chart plotting with an automatic routing capability once information such as boat details and depth safety parameters are inputted. Sonar charts are great when navigating in waters that have limited areas with enough depth for boats with deep underwater draws.

My Radar

Whether you're traveling by sea or by land, My Radar is one of the most popular weather applications. You can even set a rain, or snow, alert. The app gives you a heads up allowing you time to prepare. You can put on your rain gear and cover up the outside cushions. By keeping an eye on the movement of storms that are around you, you can make decisions ahead of time to keep you and your boat safe.


This application designed by an individual boater, became a great resource to learn about the hazards of waterways, the status of marinas with reviews and more. Now owned and updated by Garmin, you now have more than just the boating community. You now have connectivity to the Garmin charts, maps, and its chart plotter.

Boat U.S.

BoatU.S. is more than just a free app. When you are a member, the application will be more useful to you when you need assistance such as a tow. It's perfect for obtaining tide data. Some boats may not be able to get through certain areas during low tide. It is important to know the tidal swings and the timing of the tides.


When you're a sailor, the wind is an important element. When you are a fair-weathered boater, you may not love those winds that help the waves build and rock your boat. This application is a resource for high-quality wind reports.

More Apps for Waterway Navigation and Fun

Other Suggested Apps

There are other apps that you may find to be easier to understand than others. Part of the boating experience is learning what resources you need and how to use them.

Fun Apps

There are apps for just about everything. Find the nearest boat ramp to get your boat into the water. Track your friends and your speed. Check any information on any fish you might happen to catch and want to keep. Check the tides with an easier application. For those boaters with the amenities to enjoy your boat on the water at night, stargaze and learn more about our stars and planets. You never know when you might need "celestial navigation" to get yourself home.

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