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Annapolis Boat Show: Guide and Things to do

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United States Powerboat Show October 3-6. 2019

The 48th annual United States Powerboat Show opens this weekend, October 3-6, 2019, with more than 500 boats shinned and ready in historic downtown Annapolis. The boat show features on-land displays with boating equipment and gear of all kinds. Cruisers University will be back by popular demand with a comprehensive educational program.

Here is a class schedule; unfortunately, the entire show is sold out, but at least you can understand the curriculum give.

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The United States Powerboat Show excels in the Brokerage Cove and a Demo Dock. These locations are where dealers and manufacturers conduct demonstrations of new model powerboats to the boat buying public. Annapolis provides the boat buying an excellent opportunity to see virtually every style of boat available up close and in person.

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The United States Sailboat Show

The 'greatest sailboat show', the United States Sailboat Show turns 50 this October; it is the largest in-water all-sailboat show in the industry. To be exact, it the only one of its kind in America. A large display of monohull and multihull sailboats of all makes and sizes will be showcased, along with the latest in boating gear, accessories, and equipment; and remember everyone loves new gear.

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The best thing about this shows the array of activities that don't associate with selling or buying a boat to name a few, a trip through Vacation Basin, relaxing at the VIP Red Carpet Lounge, attending Cruisers University, Take the Wheel, or a First Sail Workshop, this show provides something for everyone.


The 50th United States Sailboat Show will be in Annapolis on Columbus Day weekend, October 10-14, 2019, and is poised to be the most prominent and grandest show to date.

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