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About Atomic Tuna Yachts

Atomic Tuna Yachts was formed to "raise the bar” of yacht brokers in the Bay Area. We offer professional photography, videos, drone shots and 3d tours for all of our listings. And, we utilize the latest online marketing strategies to find the right buyers and sellers for our listings.

We work harder than any other brokerage, available seven days a week for our customers. Our team is made up of passionate yachtsman, with years of boating experience. We establish great relationships and work closely with buyers through the purchasing of their boat, provide excellent post-purchase service, and maintain great relationships with our customers for when they are ready to sell or upgrade their yacht in the future. Atomic Tuna has an extensive network of buyers and sellers and are ready to help navigate the yacht marketplace with you.

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Wayne Goldman
Chief Ahi


Wayne has been around water his whole life and has sailed most of the waters of the world. He started out on his dad’s “huge” 21’ Chris Craft woodie cabin cruiser when he was still in diapers. He cried when his mom made his dad sell the boat to spend more time with the family. Once he had boating on his mind, he spent every chance he could on the lakes and rivers of upstate New York. Once he found the ocean when he went to college in New Hampshire, there was no turning back, buying and sailing boats wherever he went. He eventually ended up in California in a corporate job, but that did not stop him from buying his first cruising sailboat, a brand new Tayana 42’. During the next thirty years, Wayne would work a real job for a few years, then escape and go cruising for a few years.

Wayne has spent the last 20+ years in the marine industry, selling boating equipment to boat builders all over the world and doing international and local boat shows on the east and west coast. He has extensive experience with catamarans and has visited most of the catamaran factories around the world. For the past 5+ years, Wayne has focused his passion on helping other, like-minded boaters find the boat of their dream. With his vast knowledge of boats, and understanding what boaters are looking for, Wayne has been successfully finding the right boats for hundreds of boaters.


Geli Burgin

Geli Burgin
Yacht Sales Ahi


As a little kid, growing up in the land of 10,000 lakes, Geli always knew she would be happiest working outside. It's been 25 years since she moved out to California where her Mom and Step Dad first introduced her to sailing. While sailing with her parents, she jumped at the chance to introduce co-workers and friends to sailing on San Francisco Bay, as well as the boating lifestyle.

After 18 years in corporate America, Geli pursued her dream to become a captain and delivered boats up and down the coast for a few years before going back to the steady “eddy” office life where she served as Vice President in billion dollar companies and CFO in a fast growing start up.

Geli met Wayne just before he and her Mom delivered a boat from Cape Town, South Africa to Florida. Geli would call that time frame in her life, “peak envy”, which re-ignited her passion to buy a boat of her own, master it and live-aboard it. For the past four years she has lived her dream, living aboard 'Irene', her Grand Banks 42'.

Geli thoroughly enjoyed the boat purchasing experience so much that she wants to share that experience with others, ensuring that their boat buying/selling experience is a positive one. Geli’s vast background in finance, operations and boating will ensure you will have a positive and memorable experience with Atomic Tuna Yachts.




Dave Wolfe
Yacht Sales Ahi





Michelle Leonard
Yacht Sales Ahi


Michelle learned to sail by taking Sailing 101 in college for a PE credit. After graduation the choice was: Buy a new car or buy a boat. She bought a used boat and a used car. Since then she has owned 3 different boats as a single-handed sailor and multiple boats with her husband, who she met when he was her ride to a regatta in Mexico. Michelle has competed in National and World Championship races but now prefers the camaraderie of “beer can” races. 

Fast forward many years working in supply chain logistics to support her boating habit and Michelle was able to buy her own dream boat: a Tartan 3400. Her passion for sailing then led her to pursue a USCG Captain’s license. After helping several friends find the right boat she was encouraged to try yacht sales as a way to share her love of boating




Lisa Chapin
Yacht Sales Ahi


Captain Lisa is a lifelong sailor. She has safely navigated from a childhood of sailing a Sunfish with her father and the family dog and a  beach catamaran on Delray Beach to cruising halfway around the world on four different sailboats.  

For the past 12 years, she has been working in the marine industry helping people in all aspects of boating.  She holds a bachelor’s in economics, a 50-ton master's license, and is a certified instructor for the American Sailing Association.  

Captain Lisa is the owner of SailTime San Francisco a membership-based sailing program. With SailTime, Lisa creates the perfect solution for new sailors to learn what they are looking for in their first boat. 

Her passion for the marine industry involves helping people in achieving their goals to get out on the water safely and confidently. She is happiest on the water whether it is sailing, anchored out for a happy hour, or paddleboarding in her back yard.  

For the past six years, she and her husband have restored and now live aboard their 58-foot classic motor yacht on San Francisco Bay.



Richard Oelerich
Yacht Sales Ahi

Why I decided to be a yacht salesperson. I love boats; I like being on boats, talking about boats, learning about boats and I want to share that interest and excitement with others. I grew up around boats. I like being on the water, the technology, and the interaction with boats and people to make them go is really fun.

I have been a quality assurance engineer for most of my professional life in one way or the other. That means that I am focused on details, solving problems, and figuring things out. I continue to do that with boats and I find it interesting no matter what the boat or what system is. I dig into the details and like to share.

I also like selling stuff and have been doing it in the bike industry pretty much the last 15 years solid. But one gets a little tired doing the same thing in the same way for such a long time and I like new challenges. It keeps my mind agile and interested. And like I said I really like boats; here I am on a beautiful island, in the middle of the beautiful San Francisco Bay in the middle of the beautiful California, in the beautiful West Coast of the United States. I share this beauty and excitement with others by helping find them find the boat of their dreams.




John Longwell
Yacht Sales Ahi

John has been involved in boating since his childhood, enjoying sailing and power boating on Cape Cod Bay with his father and sisters. After graduating from college with a Mechanical Engineering degree he resumed his boating passion by fixing up an old Tri-Hull outboard power boat and fishing and exploring the Louisiana Coastal area while he was working offshore on drilling rigs. His transfer to the Rocky Mountains enabled him to enjoy fresh water lake boating, owning several different power boats.

Most recently he has enjoyed buying, upgrading and selling several larger motor yachts and boating in the bays and offshore Southern California up to the San Francisco area. He has brought his passion for boating and his mechanical knowledge to use as a salesman for Atomic Tuna Yachts in the Bay area. John is always available to help you find the perfect boat. 




Dan Hill
Yacht Sales Ahi

Dan began his boating lifestyle In Santa Cruz about 25 years ago. Born In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Dan moved to California after college and stumbled upon a job at the famous Santa Cruz Yachts where the Santa Cruz 52 was in production. He worked his way up from a carpenter to the commissioning agent and was hooked on the sailing lifestyle. He managed the owners SC 52 “Elixir” for a while and got the opportunity to sail in some cool races up and down the California Coast.

About 8 years ago Dan moved to the Bay Area and started working at a few boat yards until falling upon some one doing a survey. He got to talking to the Salesperson and decided he wanted to give it a try. He has worked for both the Catalina and Beneteau dealers in the area.

In his spare time Dan likes to sail his little 14’ Vagabond with his wife Marianne. He and Marianne also managed a 35’ Beneteau that they would charter on the Bay. Being on and around the water is something that the two of them love. He is looking forward to working with the Atomic Tuna Crew!



Jim Marshall
Yacht Sales Ahi

Jim has lived in California virtually all his life in both the Bay Area and in Southern California. He is a graduate of Stanford University where he earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering with Honors. He spent the majority of his career (over 36 years) in the semiconductor equipment industry, primarily in Silicon Valley. Jim has been involved in the founding and development of three venture capital financed start-up companies and has led three successful merger and acquisition transactions, serving as Chairman, CEO, COO or President for several companies. He founded Castle Hill Holdings in 2008 and has been an early stage Angel investor in Industrial Origami, Zaavy and Livescribe. Jim currently serves on the Board of Directors of Zaavy, Inc.

Jim obtained his California Yacht Sales License and began working for McGrath Yachts in October 2009 where he focused on power boat sales, primarily in the Delta. In 2011, Jim moved to Pacific Yacht Imports where he opened the PYI office in the Delta in 2014. Jim joined Atomic Tuna Yachts in December 2019.

Jim was first introduced to boating as a child vacationing at Lake Arrowhead in Southern California where he learned to water ski on doubles and then on a single in the first day. He has owned boats continuously since 1972 and currently owns his third ski boat – a 21 ft. Sanger tournament boat and his fourth yacht, a 35 ft, Californian Flybridge Sedan. His previous yachts were a 48 ft. Navigator Pilothouse, a 42 ft. Grand Banks and a 34 ft. Chris Craft.

Jim has offshore yachting experience bringing his Grand Banks 42 from Huntington Harbor in Southern California up the California Coast and into the Delta with his wife Gail. Jim and Gail have also bareboat charter cruised a Grand Banks 42 in the San Juan Islands and to Victoria B.C. Jim and Gail brought their current 35 Californian up the California coast from Monterey to the Bay and Delta following purchase.

Jim maintains his own yachts and is experienced with the Grand Banks, Navigator and Californian yachts. He has had significant improvement work done on his personal yachts and is well acquainted with the surveyors, boat yards and marine service providers in the Bay Area.